Friday, 24 June 2011

'The Power of Three' - Team Training Tuesday!

Yes, we know....a bit late on the posting - apologies all round for that.  We've been busy little bees with our Open Day last weekend, so cut us some slack, yeah? ;-)

Anyway, on with the show!

For Week 5 Team Training last Tuesday, we had just the 3 of us rock up in the skills zone (I can just see Matt & Deb rubbing their hands together & thinking 'they're dropping like flies'....sadists! haha). 

We have therefore taken it upon ourselves (okaaay, it was all Jo!) to tag the once-nameless (how sad) workout 'The Power of Three', because not only were there just three of us doing it, but there was also 3 hardcore rounds to get through.

Trust me on this one, it was pretty hardcore.  Don't believe me?  Well now, I guess you're just going to have to try it for yourself! ...You asked for it! ;-)

"The Power of Three"

3 rounds of:
1000m Row

50 x Burpees (with push-up!)

Yes, that's a push-up in there....and throw a jump on
the end of the move for good measure!

50 x Box Jumps

Ensure you stand all the way up at the top of
the movement- no cheating now!

800m Sprint


Krystal        58mins 26 secs
Kirsten   1hr 2mins
Jo           1hr 4mins

Ok girls, tell it how it is:

Jo's Re-cap:

*edits by Kirsten...unbeknownst to Jo. ;-)

"I don't have anything positive to say about this workout but will give it a go...Today's team training challenged me on every was TUFFFFFF.  I was a little disappointed in myself for not being able to run the full 800m on our last run. 
(Kirsten: pfft! For somebody who told me just last week that she was 'not a runner' & couldn't run, I must say I nearly fell off my treadmill when I realised that it was in fact JO beside me...RUNNING. Lies! And, in regards to the final running stint...well, that's to be expected- we had been going for over an HOUR & we all struggled with that one. You're awesome Jo, own it!)  

It took everything I had to finish this one. My big girl pants were nowhere to be seen :( "
(Kirsten: oh, they were there...& they are getting smaller every week too! There, I said it...and no that's not me stealing your undies off the clothes line. Promise.)

Kirsten's Re-Cap:

"For something that looked rather short & simple on the whiteboard (yeah, so I was looking at the '3' rounds & not the '50' reps- my bad)....this turned into one helluva workout.

I'm not much of a rower, although I don't hate it, but to distract myself from the pain that was accruing in my muscles (we ARE talking 1km- it's quite a long way up-stream, ok!!) I started imagining that I was rowing in real water (no, I'm not crazy...much). 
This visualisation process was quite easy to do though, as I was using one of the water rowers so the sound affects were supplied for me. I must say it was a nice day to be out on the water. Seriously. ;-)

The burpees were my nemesis today. It would have been fine, if not for the 'push-up' right there in the middle of the movement. (that's not a burpee, THIS is a burpee...aahhh, since WHEN??). A push-up on the toes does not come easy for this girl, ok (read: they are an endangered species)- let alone 50 in one hit!  Tell 'em they're dreamin'.  I may have started 'cheating' towards the end...of ROUND 1 *cough*....& skipped the push-up part.  Hey, honesty is the best policy right??  Keepin' it real. ;-) 

The box jumps had me worried at first- in previous attempts it has irritated my shins but it worked out ok. I think what gave my shins more trouble was the sprinting on the tready. Mr Treadmill & I go way back, but that has since ended. It may have been a bitter split- we don't talk much now. Whatever. All I'm sayin' is that I do all of my running outdoors & that's how I like it. But it's times like these that I will 'take him back', just to be able to do what the others are doing.  I love my running but would have preferred to do the sprints on solid ground. JUST sayin'. It was still my strongest 'leg' of the workout though...pardon the pun. 

Overall, this was another killer workout that left me feeling utterly exhausted, drenched in sweat (you know it) & feeling like I had just kicked someone's butt.......which is always nice. ;-)

Krystal's Re-Cap:

"The Power of Three was one tough and challenging workout.!!!  All I have to say is I don’t ever want to be a rower and I now have a great respect for any rower out there.  3 x 1000m on a rower followed by 3 x 50 burpees (and let me just add that these were PROPER burprees with a push ups) is not what I call fun, so when doing this I had to make sure I was mentally strong in order to push myself.  Every workout we have done with Matt and Deb requires mental strength and the ability to push yourself as hard as you can.  This also helps and relates to all the basketball games, it could be the 4th quarter and my team is down by 2 points with 1 minute on the court, this is where you need to dig in and be mentally tough to make sure you win the game.  So even though the workouts are extremely hard, its great knowing that I’m not only working on my fitness and strength and but other aspects that relate to basketball."

Stay tuned for this week's review...bit of back-log over here, please be patient! ;-)

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